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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Forging Crime Alley

I made Crime Alley, I had became the boss of Crime Alley when I was a wee little boy, not quite a man, but my story begins long before I became Crime Lord. Of course back then it was called Butcher's Square. Poverty here was the record high for any one keeping statistics.

As for my parents… Who were they? Well who knows? Who my parents were and what kind of people they may have been, age and time has erased everything but their names, everything except a brief memory when I sleep of my mother singing to me in my crib.

This was were I was born and raised. I have been on my own since I was 3. I know what you're thinking. A 3-year-old can't survive on their own, and normally you would be right, but not this time. How I did it I do not know, but I did. There is an old saying, "What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger" it should be my motto, because it is an undeniable truth.

I grew up fast, and I grew up cocky. There were 5 Crime Gangs and countless of wannabes. The fact that I had never joined one makes my survival even that much more amazing.

I didn't join any gangs but I did begin my own. By the time I was 12 I had men 3 times my age working for me. I began bringing the Crime Syndicates together, considerate a Hostile Take-Over.

However as I said Earlier, I was cocky, and as each of these organizations joined me I got even cockier. When you are cocky, you don't see things and it's easy to be stupid.

I decided I had the sand, the grit and the iron clad- bowling ball size, well I thought I had the pair to go after one man no one stood up against. A man who feared nothing or no one. Jon and Jerry decided to rob the nameless one. They got caught, they in a last minute desperation took the nameless one's wife and kids, said they would kill them if the Nameless one didn't throw his weapon away. The Nameless one shot his family to death and then said he would teach Jon and jerry fear. That is exactly what the nameless one did.

The Nameless one knew how to bring fear down on you. I went against the nameless one. I took a beaten first then he tied me down. Before that Day I was a handsome boy, the ladies had favored me. Funny how things can change so quickly. As the Nameless one cut my face from my body he said these words to me. Words I have never forgotten….

"Who will follow you boy? Who are your friends? Allies? Who are they against mine? I have but one true ally, Fear. Fear is like a beautiful goddess of a woman. Escort her on your arm and men will be at your beckon service, but like a woman in scorn fear has hells fury and can turn on you quickly. Men of flesh can be bought, tempted, or scared into betrayal. Fear on the other hand once conquered is a weapon like no other. How can you bring fear to those you conquer if you do not know fear? If you haven't had a long intimate relationship with her? Today one of two things will happen, you will die or you will live. Either way you and fear will have an intimate moment, should you live, you will become stronger. Perhaps then you will be ready to face me."

He left and tossed my face a side as I laid in pain and agony, choking and sputtering blood.

(to be continued)


2 Sat at the bar:

Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss gossips...

Iam very impressed with your life story. I look forward to read ingmore about you.

10:09 AM  
Blogger The Black Plague gossips...

thanks Kriss... I enjoy speaking with you

2:24 PM  

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