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Friday, December 26, 2008

Meeting two ladies

I am Alucard, The son of Vlad Dracula. I got rather bored with Drakulon it had been at least two centuries since I was in the Wars of Darkness. So I came to Earth Where both my Father, and my Mother Lilith seem to have all their little schemes going right now.

They all of course deal with my half sister Vampirella. Me I don't really care about all that, I went to Earth looking for some distractions what I found was a bunch of vampire wanna be sycophants who were easily swayed And given just enough Vampire venom to be my slaves , but not enough to be turned into vampires. Okay I have turned a few into vampires just the ones that can be useful.

They provide me with blood, so I can't complain. Although they have been less than subtle about drinking blood, they have put me on under the attention of local so called "Superheroes".

A group that calls themselves “Legacy". I heard there were two saiyans in the group. I only knew one Saiyan in my life a King around a thousand years ago named Spinakha.

His son Vegeta murdered him; I hear Vegeta's son is now the king. Any Way since I haven't run into one in ten centuries I recruited a being who has had dealing's with them a being called Cooler.

He's in some kind of group called the Sinestro Corps some kind of wanna be evil Green Lanterns. I recruited him when some of my servants describe a saiyan Green Lantern.

This is odd that these people would just start attacking my minions, When they actually attack my home I see why a group of new members being led by Iron Lad.
Cooler Attacked The Green Lantern.

While they're fighting a Robot Cooler called a "Man Hunter."

It sucked power out of he strangely colored haired girl’s power ring and though the young saiyan female was stronger than Cooler his ring gave him the victory. I bit this man called the “Red Hood” making him into my slave I sent him to attack the clawed mutant girl.

She tore through his armor but the Hood shot her in the head. She somehow survived that but was taken down when she was hit in the knees with some odd looking crowbar.

Oddly she should be dead after being shot in the fore head, but she lives. The Kid Iron Man blasts many of my servants with some kind of fake sunlight that vaporizes them instantly me? It just gives a slight tan.

“That’s impossible! You're a vampire!'

“I’m a Drakulonian. The sun doesn't affect us like it does human vampires." I snarl and take advantage of his surprise by tearing into his armor. He recovers and hits me with something called a repulsor. Then a chest laser thing.

Cooler, The Red Hood, and my surviving servants join the fight. This gives me enough time to conjure a spell further damaging his armor.

With all the attacks on all fronts He goes down hard. I just wanted to kill them. But Cooler uses his ring to beam a message all over the planet. “Son Goku, I have defeated This Girl..." he points at the Green Lantern I am going to send her to the pleasure planets to be a pleasure girl... unless you come out of hiding, and face me."

Hours later. I ask this former king if he is sure that this blue haired girl is this third class warrior Son Goku's daughter.

“Of course when I battled her in the Sinestro Corps War she acted just like that fool."

I get a good look at the girl's face, and she reminds of the warrior woman who stole my old friend's heart all those centuries ago, this looks as if she can be her great grand daughter despite the blue hair.

“Check her DNA." I command. I can tell this makes him bristle but he uses his ring anyway.

The ring “The female is a hybrid, mother of Earth origin. Human. Father of saiyan origin DNA match found. The father is identified as King Vegeta the second. Once known as the prince of all saiyans."

I spit. "She's is of noble birth like the two of us! A noble will not become a flesh toy I will give her an honorable death."

As I was about to bite the young woman's neck, a strange weapon in the shape of a bat cuts my face. I turn and I am astonished, two girls who seem as if they are creatures of the night themselves descend upon us.

Others attack us as well what looks like a teenage version of that ruffian Lobo. A blonde girl who is wearing the Kryptonian symbol for hope on her chest, and some other. But I am not interested in them. I use my powers to see what my creatures of the night look like under their masks.

Beautiful. I believe I will introduce my self... when I Blasted by a young male saiyan.

“I don't like how you’re looking at my girl freak." Ah A jealous boyfriend I will dispatch this one easily. I knock him down, and am thrown back as the boy's hair turns gold, and eyes become green, he also gets slightly taller more muscle.

"Ah so you are a so called Super Saiyan. Well killing you will be a little more difficult, but will be a worthy challenge." I remark.

“Just bring it." he snipes.

I will have to teach this a lesson.


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