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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The end of the road.

Some time in the future.

Time has changed again, I feel it someone messed with reality, in the past, and it's affected changes in my present.I was attacking the last warlords of West City, robots, when Wolverine's clone sister daughter whatever X-23 aka my Uncle Thad's on again off again lover.

You see I beat up Wolverine's son for making comments about my mom,, and now she wants revenge. I was about to dispatch her when new memories started flooding my head.

Now Wolverine's son was with a different woman, but the same weird attitude, Mirai didn't have a son with... who was it again? Oddly now I remember rumors of him being my dad.

I admit we do look alike.

But that comes from him, and my dad having the same parents. I've checked my blood, I'm not Mirai's kid, Well that and my mom drunkenly announcing to everyone at Thanksgiving she's only been with one guy ... thanks for that mom something I did not want to know.

While a new lifetime of memories flooded my head, X-23 was going for my eyes. A few of my LOA Ninja Attacked her, but well just like the man she was created from Ninjas are are a slight warm up to X-23.

Gwen was too busy leading the rest of my army against the robots. Luckily I recover in time to avoid getting skewered. " Come on Auntie Laura don't be like this."

" You tried to kill my brother Bruce Briefs, My friend ship with your family will not protect you from revenge."

She lunges for my neck but now that I'm not distracted her body language is an open book. I dodge her claws and return a shot to her stomach that would shatter a mountain it leaves a big hole in her gut, one that starts healing immediately.

" Look Laura you Logans are hard to kill. He regenerated from the wounds I gave him and you will too unless I tear off your head. Let your brother fight his own battles. I don't want to have to explain to my Dad, and Aunt Vella why I beheaded you."

A very familiar voice comes from no where. " That's not happening kiddo." I'm Punched a thousand times per second. I'm then knocked through the force Field my troops were trying to break through before Laura showed up.

" Thaddeus !" I yell in challenge.

" Hey kiddo you talk about beheading my girl I get a little testy." He slows down in front of me wearing some strange combo of his Inertia, and Reverse Flash costumes.

" Oh the Costume? Grandma Iris didn't appreciate me wearing Zoom's old outfit.So I changed..."

" Thaddeus I told you in the message not to interfere!" Laura screams

" Oh and I'm just supposed to let you go on a suicide mission? If you kill him... Cassandra would hunt you down That is if he doesn't kill you.

Mom Might actually lose to X-23 but it wouldn't get that far Laura had her one chance when the temporal rip had changed my memories, Without well X has no chance against me.

" Look Laura if you won't listen to me I know someone you will listen too!" I expected Aunt Vella. Not...

" What the Hell Are ya Playin' at girl me, and Vegetable Brain buried the hatchet 20 years ago ya tryin' ta start that up again?"

" Just because you are afraid of Vegeta.." Laura starts.

" I ain't afraid O' nothin' Laura! You And Jaimie have more important things ta do like Helpin' save mutant kind!"

I Forget About this and fly into the citadel where the Robot leader is stationed I expected TX not Megatron's head.

Gwen had some kind of freak out , and said " I.. must crush you, and put you in a pretty dress!" I have no clue what that's supposed to mean.

She jumps at the head, and falls off a force field. " Fool! Cain we had a great deal going on in West City!" The head growls. And you just had to ruin it, Saiyan... Could you get the yellow haired female to stop jumping at the barrier it's really annoying."

" I don't Know I haven't seen Gwen this riled u in a while..." All of the sudden the barrier, was breached by what looked like A green, and yellow blur.

" Bruce Blow up the head, and get this over with." Thad was using his speed to knock a hole in the Field I have no idea how that works.. but as long as it does.

I shrug "Okay here's a classic Big Bang Attack!"

Pieces Of robot head disperse everywhere and I take out the citadel too. I grab Gwen ,and fly her out of there, she pouts. " Aww i can't put Meg in a dress."

" Uh huh." This looks like one of her bad days. After destroying all the rest of the stragglers. I go back to Laura, and Wolverine. " so Ami Going to have to blow up a clone?"

" Jaimie will have to fight his own fights Just do not come after him!"

" He leaves me alone I leave him alone." I answer she nods, and walks away.

" Uncle Thad sorry about all of this....'

" Don't worry kid it's always one dram or another with her ever since we were teens so why did you mess up her brother?"

" He talked dirty about with mom..."

Thad grins " You should have let him try it on Ms Bats That'd would have been funny if he put that dork's claws where the sun doesn't shine. See you kid."

I had finally killed or defeated all of West City's war lords the people wanted me to stay, and protect them, like grandpa Vegeta used to but if they want it they have to live by my rules.

They accepted, now I'm no longer just a killer, but a prince with a kingdom. And no one is going to take it from if they do I'll blow them up or break them leaving the Mark of Cain.

Hmmm maybe I should have an heir to give my kingdom to some day... I think me and Gwen should start working on that.

The End.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

War Journal : Red Hood

Continued from here.

I've heard of the red Hood before. That he was a killer of scum, but also he had weird habits, like dating teenage girls, and making women he he's been with wear blue wigs. Also he worked for a scuzz bag like Tony Stark.

What I didn't know was he actually is a teenager, from the sound of his voice I'd say he's about eighteen or nineteen. “Look tall dark and snarly I was just trying get some info on the Heroslayer so I could pop a cap in him." He grumbles under his hood.

My trigger finger gets itchy " You worked for Toy Stark , Hood why should I trust the you're not going to try, and recruit him in some evil plan of his?"

“Evil Plan? Where do you get your dialogue? Look Stark was right even if you people are too bull headed to admit it. If I was trained better I wouldn't have been beaten to death with a crowbar by a sick clown."

Seems this kid has issues, and Iron Man worked on them. Before I can say anything some kid with an ugly mask puts a knife to my throat.

" Put down the Gun Skull Face shirt guy, or I'll slit your throat."

I can think of at least 20 ways to get out of this but I think I'll team up with them I can use them as meat shields when I get to Heroslayer. If they do betray me I'll have them right there where I can shoot all three together.

“Ok fine seems all three of us have the same objective, to kill Heroslayer we the weapons dealer gave me the location of his normal hang out. It’s an hour's far off drive we'll take my van."

The Red Hood smugly states. “Yeah I thought you'd change your tune that's why everyone needs a sidekick come on Scarlet."

The drive was annoying with Scarlet constantly whining about her face, and Red Hood talking in his sleep. We park outside his hideout which on the outside looks like a crime museum. I wake up the Red Hood.

“We’re here, and what's this Vidalia you keep whining about?"

“Never mind let's get ready to do this!" I ask.

He goes behind my van for some reason and I do a last second check on my weapons. Well this'll be a nice change of pace, usually I have to team up with a colorful here or anti hero in a goofy costume I'm glad I don't have to do that this time, then he comes out from behind the van.

Crap. Ah well there went that “so are we going to scout the place, and disable all the security system, then sneak in on him?" Red Hood asks.

“No I reply taking a bazooka out of my bag and blowing an entrance in the side of the wall.

He slaps his palm into his face “there goes all the element of surprise."

We don't need it we have guns.


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gwen Brown:Another Warlord

Sometime in the near future....

You know I gotta say being the bad guy is a lot more fun, and the good guy. Superheroes have all these rules and codes, But ever since I hooked up with Bruce We've been doing the basic same thing as a hero, but we've been killing the really bad ones it seems like we're actually doing something, then again they say I'm loony toons.

Like the West City thing. We took out that Alcurad freak, well not killing him but we freed all the people in his sector, and killed most of his army.

The problem now is super villains are harder to kill than monsters. Yes the second warlord of West City is a super villain, in fact he's the kid. of Match, and Fury. Devastation. What is it with that family not using nouns for names?

No wait a minute I call my self "Vendetta" never mind. ( hey it's better than Sparrow.) But my real name is Gwen... Oh I'm rambling again. To the point Brown!

Brucie, and his cult like ninja followers had snuck their way into Devastation's lair. Me I went the direct approach firing bullets and arrows into everything that moved.

Then of course Devastation showed up, and who the heck knew he had the power to create delusions? He made Bruce see the ninjas as alternate versions of his family. His one weakness he won't kill family.

Like what if Batgirl, had a kid with Superboy.. or some nameless normal shlub, or what if Vincent, had kids, with Supergirl, or Stargirl.. or what ever. The ninjas he thought weren't super powered got off lucky, he just knocked them out. the ones he thought were saiyans or whatever else... well the punch it takes to ko one of them will have the head of a normal person punted for a mile.

I sneak up on Devy then I start seeing weird things.

At least that stuff was funny until hallucination Tim Drake showed up in his stupid Red Robin get up.

" Stop lecturing me! You can't tell me what to do! You named yourself after a burger restaurant! You're not my real father!" I scream.

" What the Sparrow?" Devastation looks surprised.

" Why all the shock you were making me see delusions."

" Um I didn't even know you were here." he responds. great so all of that was just imagination time. " But I should have know, where ever Bruce Wayne Briefs goes Sparrow is with him."

"Ooh! he doesn't like being called 'Wayne' he likes Cain .Him, and his gramps don't get along. and you called me Sparrow I'm Vendetta now. I just have to shoot you now. "

He starts laughing " I'm part Kryptonian, I'm invulnerable! Please try to kill me!"

I point the guy at his eye. " Okay!" I fire he drops dead. " Didn't guess I had Kryptonite bullets did you smart guy?" My Man stops seeing all the the hallucinations.

" What did I do?"Bruce asks.

" You were beating on your own ninjas, but don't worry I saved you... well then you owe me You have to do whatever I want tonight!"

He mumbled so meting then commands the ninja " Secure this territory, and and free the slave workers. Looks like we've only have one territory to free and West City will be mine... I mean liberated."

Oh boy next is the robot that have taken the last of the city, A another Ninja runs up to Bruce " Sir our men are being attacked by Wolverine's offspring!"

Cain snorts." The beating I gave Ishikawa wasn't enough for him?"

" It's not him One Who is all It's his sister."

" Wild thing? Bah! Who cars? You should be able to take care of her!"

" Not Wild Thing master Talon!"

Cain growls So Laura doesn't like how I beat on her brother, leave X-23 to me boys."

" Who Master?"

" Bah! I mean Talon.. whatever she's calling herself do not engage her. " he bows and he skitters out of the room. " You know Gwen Given Laura's relation ship with my Father's best friend, and her friendship with my aunt this'll be very interesting very interesting indeed." He gets that evil smirk on his face I wonder what he's up to?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Match: well that was a cluster@$#^

Me, and Fury escaped the fight with Legacy. That Inertia clone that I unleashed on the world had it's brain, and and heart eaten by something, something that I don't think any member of Legacy is nuts enough to do. Well maybe Vincent.

the rest of our little group was locked into the Vault except for Heroslayer, he apparently killed himself couldn't happen to a nicer nut job. But that does bring up a dilemma. We didn't get paid.

So we did what any self respecting super villain would do, we looted his HQS. Took as much money as we could find, and stole the all of his machines, and devices. what we didn't want to keep, we sold to other super villains.

So now that we have some money we're thinking of going on a little vacation. We were thinking somewhere hot and tropical that takes in the more evil kind, but without all these zombies that are attacking everyone lately what's up with that?

Well we did find a nice little resort with the right amount of money laundering and no asking questions. I was on the beach drinking some weird tropical drink that I'm sure has no alcohol in it... or my my powers are fighting off the effects stupid Kryptonian powers. When I hear Fury ask " Wanna play touch football?"

I look up to say how dumb an idea that is when well take a look.

I can't believe it took me this long to discover it was a clothes optional resort... I'm really going to like my vacation.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

This has gone south.

You know there are some rules that he Flash's rouges keep trying to impart to the younger villains. Me I never cared but one rule Captain Cold Told me I wish I listened to, never work with nuts I wish I listened to.

Heroslayer's team of misfits Defeated Legacy with the help of the Inertia clone I found.

What does 'Slayer do after he beats them kills them, and goes on to the next stage in his plan? No he wants to do something much dumber he ties them up, and brags about how he beat them.

Oh well at least it gives me time to check out Spoiler with my X-ray vision.

This of course pisses Fury off, but she being angry she's still the one I feel most comfortable with on this team. The aforementioned Heroslayer is coo coo for Coco puffs.

This saiyan girl called Calera wears an Orange ring like the Green lanterns, and keeps blabbing “Mine! Mine! Mine!" But the weird thing is I hear no heartbeat from her, and when I try to use my vision powers the I see through her like she's a hologram with a ring floating around it.

The Parasite chick keeps looking at me as if I'm a steak dinner. Also there's this alternate reality Mandarin in a Shredder suit that’s like 16 maybe. That guy ain't the Mandarin; the Mandarin is some old dude with a bunch of rings.

And the Inertia clone, Kid Zoom That I found for this team by the way, isn't acting like Thad Thawne did in his evil period , he's off somehow I can't quite place my finger on what though.

Fury growls at me “You need to stop undressing Spoiler with your eyes babe."

“Yeah like you aren't drooling over Tony Stark Jr. over there.” I reply.

“Mmm If only he'd grow a beard...." She smiles before Heroslayer is smacked by Batgirl who somehow escaped her bonds, Spoiler threw something in my eyes. Of course they'd all escape that’s what heroes do when you leave them tied up and waiting for a bomb to blow stupid Heroslayer.

“That’s for lusting after me." Spoiler jokes as I wipe whatever this stuff is out of my eyes.

“Hey you're a hot blonde." I shrug.

“Great first Inertia then you, my milkshake brings all the clones to the yard why can't it keep Robin interested?"

“Honey I hate to break it to you but Robin's gay." I shrug.

“HE IS NOT GAY!" Spoiler screams.

“We all heard about him rejecting naked Ravager." I explain.

“He didn't want STD's." Spoiler remarks as I see Stark jump onto what looks like a tiny scooter then roll into some door while Fake Mandarin is helping is helping Caulera Fight off GL Vella.

He busts out a few minutes later in his armor.

He starts chasing around Kid Zoom, Man I've been wanting to punch Inertia for quite sometime... But you'll do. "

" HA! Ya can't even touch me!" Zoom States before slipping on some axel grease that Iron Lad spilled on the ground near him.

"You were saying?" Ironlad laughs before giving the fallen clone a right cross. Ow that had to hurt. Fake Mandarin yells at the armored hero “You will face only me Iron Man!"

“First off it's Iron Lad and second off Mandy I've got plenty of whoop ass to pass around!" He states before blasting his repulsors at the fake Mandy

I took my attention of Spoiler, and now she was dodging Fury's metal shredding punches. I see Batgirl who put down Heroslayer for the time being challenge me.

Meh why not? I owe her for defeating me in one of the World’s toughest henchmen challenges.

I start over there flying when something just as fast as I am knocks me back when my eyes clear I see it's Batchick's little saiyan boy toy.

“You don't touch my mate! And this is for messing with my sister's head! He kicks me through the wall into the outside, and then he blasts me. And that was for frying me with your Heat Vision!"

I chuckle “What makes you think it's going to end differently this time?" I ask as I throw an Uppercut at his jaw sending blood flying.

He turns all weird and hairy and he growls “What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. And your little heat vision trick made me a lot more powerful he then knees me in the gut.

The Parasite flies up behind Vincent using the power she stole from Supergirl. “Yes you are very strong, I will feed on you power!"

Back off you Leech!" Vincent shouts firing Ki at the purple chick instead of hurting her it makes her stronger

“Firing your life energy at me not smart when that's what I feed on!" The half saiyan starts flying away at supersonic speeds I think I see where he's going he's trying to drain the Parasite getting her to use up her energy chasing him so there's a brain in that thick skull after all.

I shoulder tackle Vince and slam him back into the Legacy building. He lands right by Kara who still is too weak to fight thanks to the purple people eater. The Parasite is about to make another meal of Vince When he puts his hand on his forehead and shouts "Solar Flare!"

He used some of the sun’s energy to create a blinding light. The Parasite was blinded me well all it did was recharge me. "You may have gotten the Parasite -Girl off your back with that move but I'm a solar battery you made me stronger!"

“You’re not the only one "cousin" Match. I look over before Supergirl slams her fist into my nose. I'm knocked through all the building’s floors until I hit the basement. I pass out for a few minutes, and when I wake I find myself in a weird parody of the Batcave.

I guess this is where Batchick lives. Damn it Vincent was trying to recharge Kara This fight isn't going our way Legacy is working as a team now that he element of surprise is gone we're getting out butts handed to us. I could escape right now, and no one would know.

No I can't leave Fury here that bomb is going to go off, and both legacy, and the other villains are going to go with it, or Legacy will win, and defuse the bomb putting Fury back in prison. I'm getting her before I escape screw all the others.

I fly through the holes my body broke into all of the floors, and Find the Parasite frozen by Kara's breathe. I look around, and find Fury being put on the defensive by Slobo who's firing some kind of laser at her.

I'm about to use my TTK to incapacitate him and get my girl outta here. When I hear Spoiler scream. " No! Let her go! Please!"

I turn to see Kid Zoom holding a little blonde girl about two or three years old. He’s got his hand around her throat. “Surrender now!" he threatens. “Or I put my hand through the brat's chest!" He grins, blood streaming from his lip.

This freak is more psychotic than the real Thad Thawne that’s what I was picking up on after I freed him! Okay back to Rouge's rules one they tried to teach us was whatever you do to a hero, or a rival villain is okay but never hurt a kid.

This one I actually listened to. And looks like the other villains here did too, as they're stare in shock they can tell by look in Kid Zoom's eyes he isn't bluffing he's going to kill that poor kid.

And if he does Kid Zoom won't be far behind because I'll kill him myself.


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Match: In prision again.

Damn it! There was this superhero convention in Metropolis, ( It's not like the city needs anymore heroes with the Super dorks there.) me and Fury get paid to rough up this one hero who was there, away from his city , and allies and who shows up? Freaking Superman that's who!

He defeated us and had us locked up. Because I escaped several times before I'm locked up in a red sun room this time the walls made of thick Adamantium. No Tactile Telekinesis or the Kryptonian powers. I guess unless I think of something I'm stuck here for quite some time.

After I think this the cell is opened. And the Heroslayer is on the other side. Great... the Heroslayer. Biggest nut around. Most of us super criminals want power or money The others want revenge.

But this guy is a serial killer with his own delusions of grandeur. My usual rule is don't work with someone who's motives I don't understand." What do you want nut ball?" I ask.

" A world without costumed hypocrites who live under the delusion of heroism" he answers. " But for now you to work along side me."

I roll my eyes. " Why would I work for some guy who sees a hornet's nest, and wants to chuck a rock at it?" I sneer.

" You want to kill Superboy I can help you do that by joining my Dark Titans."

I have a huge laugh at that. " Sorry Pal I was already on an evil version of Teen Titans Team. I ended up with freaking Jericho stuck in my body for a few months, and locked up at STAR labs don't want to replay that again."

"Oh Okay then Match I guess I'll just leave you here, and won't pay you the money I had waiting for you. Or the chance to get back at Team Legacy for all the humiliations they've heaped on you lately."

I admit Legacy members have had an annoying habit of beating me up but that's what superheroes do. They really aren't on enemies list man in fact I'd like to get the Spoiler alone some time, she'd be calling me "Boy Wonder" Afterwards she's one mom I'd like to..

" Hey!" Heroslayer gets me out of my fantasy. " You want out or not?"

Sigh. I don't want to be in another evil Titans but I do want free, and i do want the money. " Spring Fury, and we have a deal."

So That's how I find myself with my girl in a ship with a hooded psychopath going who knows where a few minutes later. Fury Whispers. " Can we trust this Loony Toon?"

" We play along for the money and our freedom. But at the first sign of it going bad we ditch him, or we kill him but you know maybe we could use one more person on our side... Hey Slayer! if you're still recruiting I have another person to join this little squad."

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bruce Cain: Sibling rivalry.

Some time in the near future.

For months now I've been fighting off attacks from the warlords here in West City after I took out Alucard. Lucky I got rid of Wolverine's illegitimate son after a few weeks.

I became annoyed after he kept saying dirty things about what he'd do to my mother. " Too bad my parents actually love each other, and married unlike yours one night stand boy!"

" What?" he growled.

" I was planned rodent. Wolverine fathered you when he was thought the woman he actually loved was dead, when he found out she was alive he went back to her, and left Shi with you! I've seen how's he's treated his other kids, Daken, Laura all the rest you're the only one he treats like a mistake!"

That made him jump me with his ki claws out that was his last mistake I stabbed the freak with his own claws Then blasted into them making them about the size of my head.

" As he layed there I whispered into his ear " You don't mess with a saiyan prince and you don't mess with a Cain. I'm half of both Although it's too late for you I suppose you can take that into the next life with you well if you don't regenerate that is. "

I tossed his body into the ocean after leaving the Mark of Cain Gwen smiled and yelled "bad doggy!"

" Yes yes he was." I sensed my stalker again She's been watching me for the last few months although I don't get why she didn't help us us with those robo zombies last week brrr, reminded me of those Stories Aunt vella told us about the Blackest Night.

Instead of returning to Capsule Corp I flew to the first Legacy Base. An old house in the middle of nowhere with a cave besides it a my mom's second Batcave. " Come on out Babsie I know you're watching me !"

My Sis jumps and the two of us do what we always do when we see each other, we fight." feeling nostalgic Bruce? Too bad you disrespect out Mother4 evreytime you get into a fight!"

" Please even Mom would kill if it was to save lives that's what I'm doing!" I retort Punching her into the old decrepit Legacy House.

She spits out blood. " You've gotten better short stuff alot better you can almost live up to being called the One Who Is All almost !"

before she can counter Gwen jumps on to her shoulders and puts a gun to her head. " Naughty naughty From one daughter of an abused comic book character to another stop before I fill your head with Admantuim."

" Comic book? You see what you did Bruce you wished her back too late! She's gone completely insane!" Barbara yells.

"Yes I know But this time she's not off there's an alternate reality Where Batgirl. and Spoiler are comic characters though they get the details wrong about what happened alot. We have that reality to thank for Supernut Prime Gwen was apparently there on some sort of mission before she died, and well... "

" Why can't DC let mommy be happy?" Gwen shouts.

Me , and Babs stare at each other. " Okay Gwen we'll stop fighting I need your help any way. "

" Hmph! Funny way of showing it." I remark.

" This city is split up into to three sections Monsters , robots and Supervillians they've been abusing the human population here ever since Grandpa Vegeta abandoned the city. "

I roll my eyes "I know that sis i killed the monsters remember?"

" That's the point Bruce." Babs States. " You put a scare into the supervillians , an d the robots the machines sent Half machine zombies after you the supervillians found a time machine and went into the past to try and kill our parents a kind of temporal abortion."

" That wouldn't work with the Dragon Balls." I explain.

Babs snorts " Destroy just one of them ,and the other six are useless. I was sneaking around their base and have the two two times in history they're going to attack."

"I also have this." she throws a capsule and Uncle Mirai's time machine pops out of it.

" Oh no Time travel! " Gwen Yells " The present is going to change again! My head will hurt some more trying to catalogue all the changes."

We get in despite Gwen's protests and the place we land looks familiar, Me, and Gwen Mow down the Super villains, Babs whines " Why are you killing them? "

" It's the only way they'll learn !" Gwen announces. then a group of Cyborgs runs in and I remember why this place gave me such deja vu. I chased a group of cyborgs here. And found they were already killed.

In fact I'm staring at those very Cyborgs now. I was the one that killed them now I see what Gwen means about time travel. i tore through all of the cyborgs, and blew up the base. The whole time my sister belly aching I shoved her into the time machine before my past self showed up. I don't know what happens if you run into yourself in the past but it can't be good.

After a quick stop to warn young mom, and dad when they were going to get attacked again we went to the second attack Looked like Legacy had already beat thenm . so this is when Supergirl first joined the team, and Uncle Thad had a temporary case of dead.

Aunt Vella cried something about how she missed Jason before they tied up the killers , and went to call the police.

Babs gave a weird look. " I visited Aunt Vella in our time the other day, and got a disturbing view of her, and Uncle Jason."

Gwen Screams " I knew it changed! AAAAAHHHH!!!!"

" Or Aunt Vella, and Uncle Jason get back together sometime in the future." I respond. ' And Babs you really need to learn to knock." While Legacy is distracted I kill all the would be murders with a blast.

Babs grabbed me. and Gwen, and tossed us into the time machine. When we get back to our own time she scolds me. " You're nothing but a cold blodded killer!"

" You're a saiyan girl act like it!"

" No I'm not a saiyan! I'm only part saiyan! and so are you! you've embraced the killing side of our family! I should have known you'd never be redeemed! Even when you try to do good you slaughter people!"

And you keep trying to suck up to Bruce Wayne!" I shoot back. " Wearing his bat symbol trying to be 'Batwoman' that's mom not you Grandpa Bruce will never accept you! He hates our dad and will will always look at us with shame! And i think I know why did you notice that ring on dad's finger in the past? "

" What you're suggesting they're married? or back than But Dad was seventeen mom was eighteen. I knew they married but that young? But... they didn't have us until their mid 20's. It doesn't matter It doesn't matter if Grandpa Bruce dislikes me!I'm doing what's right! And you'll always be a villain!"

" You'll always be a fool!" I smirk.

" You know!" she shrieks. Have your little war in West City Become a warlord for all I care! But if I see you in my city I'll lock you up brother or no brother!"

She flies off. I order The LOA to get ready to mobilize for action.
As the assassins gather their things. Gwen asks " What are we gonna do tonight Brain?"

I sigh. " The warlords tried to kill me, and my parents, we're going to make them drown in their own blood."