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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trying to decide what to do with myself.

I wake up all sore damn it. Well that's what arrogance gets you. I've been running around thinking I couldn't be beaten. Well Gogeta made me learn that's not true, Hell Goku and Grandpa were doing damn well even before fusion.

All my childhood traumas came back when was out. The worst one was when I discovered something about my dad in the interdimensional fighting tournament. I oddly discovered that most kids of Cassandra Cain though out the Muliverse are daughters. i may be the only son, but that's not what weireded me out.

What did is another Cass Cain, during a crossover made my dad think she was his Cass Cain and had his daughter. And another one was created by what She described as a Cass On Cass on Vince three way.

So I have two sisters in the Mulitverse well actually of you count all the other daughters as half sisters I have a big family and I'm the only boy. I woke screaming from the "the three way memory." and startled Grandma Bulma.

"Jeeze! What is it with you kids and screaming? So I see you feel better." She smiles. " You can stay as long as you like you know oh and all the Boys are watching Justice fight the Corru on TV."

I shrug . " No thanks. I spent a weekend with Justice as a kid when she was the chairwoman of the council or whatever, it was called . They show the video all the time there as history for the kids, not sure if they still do it when Rayan took over or not though."

She just stares at me. “Okay thanks for the future spoilers, I guess though you know you may change history blurting all that stuff out."

I shrug. “So far I've only changed bad stuff it seems and some things can't be changed no matter what you do Justice winning freedom may just be one of them, Besides I'd have to actually be there to change anything as if I wanted to change. it."

“Okay. So what are you going to now?"

I shrug. “I don't know I know I probably shouldn't be here." tell everyone bye for me. " I walk outside and right before I fly off, Cain Reaper stops me.”Running away again boy?"

“I’m not running from anything." I sneer.

“Well black Zero has been defeated why didn’t you go back into your own time then? Why did you to decide to become a murderer for hire?"

“All my life everyone told me I was the son of a murderer who lead a group of assasins , I thought I'd show them if they want a murder they were going to get one."

“It wasn't worth it was it?" He asks me.

“What would you know?" I growl.

“I was like you angry at the world. I know exactly what you're going through and that you're running from your own time."

“It bites there Uncle Cabain. Everything has been torn apart by Black Zero."

“Okay then, tell me when Black Zero appears in this dimension, We will kill him when he shows his ugly face you're time will change am I right? And even if it doesn't, you could go back there and change it yourself. You are the child of two heroes. "

“But I'm no hero.” I explain.

He shrugs. "You are what you want to be."

I tell him what he wants to know then fly off looking for Black Zero's Ki. He has no powers and is a lot weaker, and It's very similar to Uncle Conner's, but I find it and he's hooking himself up to some kind of solar collector to stimulate his powers . Some blode with a Russian accent is asking him if this is a good idea.

“Nope it isn't BZ." I sneer. You’ll just fry yourself since the Gold K takes your powers permanently, but please don't stop on my account."

"Bat slut's whelp! Kill him!” Zero orders. A bunch of soldiers charge me some look to to be clones of Guardian. The ones that fight harder die harder. the blonde Russian chick runs away, smart girl.

" You bastard ou finally come to finish it did you?"

" Well I'm just testing a theory actually. See this device?" I hold a hand held device up to his face.

“What is that a weapon?" BZ stammers.

“Nope it keeps the timeline from changing too much by my presence. I turned it on after I told my uncle where you first appear in this dimension lets see what happens when I turn it off shall we?"

Time changed my childhood memories where all different and Black Zero fades screaming in front of me. He never ruled the world. He died fighting my family. yet I'm still here. Mom never wanted to use me as a weapon of revenge. But I'm still here.

I guess they just wanted another kid after Babs. So. Now what? I guess I could back to killing for money, but I no longer feel like that, all my anger is gone. Then this little probe. Comes after me. it's from my time what the hell is it doing here in the past? " Bruce Briefs?"

“It’s Cain, and yes."

"I'm from Doug, and I was told to come here if he died."

What? My old friend from my childhood? He was kind of well for lack of abtter term sidekick as we grew up, until me and Gwen go together, he was alwys wanting her growing up, and she thought he was too young for her. Me too, but well I didn't give up. That and I read attraction to me in her body language.

“Hey Bruce I traveled in time after you, and if you're getting this pal I was killed by either Galen or Justice Briefs.

Okay that’s weird. Looks like I'm going to visit my aunt after all, I need to get a ship though, and if I'm right, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Steph, and their friends will be going off looking for Aunt Vella soon.

Maybe I have some time to learn Instant transmission from Uncle Goten or Sensei Goku?


6 Sat at the bar:

Blogger Vince Briefs gossips...

What can I say? I like the Casses

3:17 AM  
Blogger Bruce Cain gossips...

But did you really have to steal the alternate mom from the Alternate Spoiler For Mom/ Alternate Mom loving? Was two kids not enough for you?

3:19 AM  
Blogger Vince Briefs gossips...

Look how many kids dad has and then get back to me. Though I haven't done the whole three way thing yet it sounds like it'll be fun. And Don't complain about whaytever me and your mom do it eventually ends up in you doesn't it?

3:27 AM  
Blogger Black Widow gossips...

BZ is a pain in my ass so is the blond

7:58 AM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator gossips...

Isn't this breaking some sort of natural law in the universe?

9:39 AM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard gossips...

I agree with Jon. The multiverse must be in a right muddle.

12:11 PM  

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