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Monday, November 12, 2007

Now what to do with Iron Boy?

I had captured Iron Boy as a bargaining chip. Because me and The Sky terminator have had a few run in while we both were on Who wants to be a Supervillian.

I thought she was attractive at first, but then she insulted me. Saying I wasn't competition for her. If there's one thing a saiyan keeps it's his pride. And she kept bugging me with watching me on her sensors.

Though her tech is about as useful as an Atari 2600, compared to my much more advanced tech it was an minor annoyance. it actually distracted me from my other thoughts for all of a few seconds.

Still minor annoyance that she is when Iron Boy and Aunt Vella. Attacked me, while I was indulging my Gw.... I mean Vendetta's blood lust for Black Widow . Though If my plans go the way I want them to the crap Vendetta went through won't even get the chance to happen. Though like me she may still have the old memories of it.

Well any way when I saw Iron Boy, I knew I'd the chance to get the TX annoyance off my back by threatening to kill him, Then if she didn't do as I said Well I would have no choice but to end his miserable existence. He's not that important to the future so he can go. And as for blasting Aunt Vella I knew she wouldn't be all that hurt after it, but her distraction was the best way to defeat her. She surprised me with how much she improved with that ring since last time I saw her in this time. She's showing signs of the GL she's going to grow up to be. And that may not be good for me next time we meet.

But, now she's been voted off.

So. Now Tony Junior has outlived his usefulness. And I have to decide what to do with him. vendetta sneers " Does this mean i have to give up my prisoner?"

" No darling do with the Widow as you want , You deserve to pay her back. But now what to do with this future alcoholic eh?"

" You can kill him and just be done with it. " Vendetta snipes.

I took suggestions Kung Fu clown's scared me . He wanted to make a movie with Stark, and a tentacle monster before killing him. KF Clown is a sick person. Ryu's decision was dumb, he wanted to fight him to the death. Well with out the armor that would take .05 seconds for Ryu to kill him.

So I decided on a fate for him. I beat him just enough to leave him barely alive. Man ever since he got involved with the cyborg, he's been injured and beaten a lot. I'd feel sorry for him if I was still capable of that.

Finally I left the Mark of Cain on his chest and dumped him almost not alive in Darktown close to the Crime Alley Bar. If he's strong he'll survive, if not then It's bother to me. His lust for my aunts all of them, always annoyed me any way.That and he'll be a warning to the TX to stay out of my way, or next time if he survies this I'll take out organs I can capture him again any time I want.


2 Sat at the bar:

Blogger Jean-Luc Picard gossips...

The Enterprise Christmas Party Invitation is now on my Journal! Hope you can come.

12:45 PM  
Blogger TX gossips...

hmm... Tony is safe now

2:26 PM  

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